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Here’s the photo prompt for #Friday Fictioneers courtesy of Madison Woods. Thanks Madison, for starting and continuing this wonderful writing prompt. Please visit her site and check out all the other Friday Fictioneers. Here’s my 100 word take on the photo:



An innocuous word, many more suitable ones existed, but none as succinct.

He gazed at the once innocent beauty of the rainbow. Bile rose in his throat.  Of all the things to use as a dimensional portal, why that?


He kicked a dirt clod. Damn sneaky aliens, time someone turned the tables.

The rainbow flashed out of existence, signaling the arrival of  more little green men. Leprechauns, legend spawning from truth, yeah right.

He slung his AK47 over his shoulder motioning for his team to follow. “Let’s go get us a pot of gold.”

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