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First off, I owe my blog an apology. Yes I know my blog is not an actual living breathing person, but it helps if I think of it as such. You see, I would never neglect a friend in the same way I have my blog. Sure, my excuses are all good; spring break,  my WIP, kid’s tennis meets, etc.  Still, I make time for what’s important, isn’t that the point?

Is this blog important to me? Absolutely.

Not only does it keep me writing, beyond my sometimes daunting novel edits, but it also lets me hear from all of you; my fellow blog-mates, writers, and readers.

Writing can be such an isolated undertaking; alone typing away on my laptop, just me and my cup of joe. Except, not really, as long as I make the small effort to post at least once a week or so.

So sorry my dear, dear blog…

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