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Photo courtesy of Mary Shipman.

Here’s the photo prompt for #Friday Fictioneers. Thanks Madison, for starting and continuing this wonderful writing prompt. Please visit her site and check out all the other Friday Fictioneers. Here’s my 100 word take on the photo:


They swirl through me, relentless in their quest. Shutting them out is not an option.

They know what I am.

I glance at the gap in the wall. Ten sets of small human bones, and they call me a monster. Sometimes I hate this gig. “Anybody know an Abbey?” A sharp pain in my temple. “Not Abbey, Abigail?”

“Yes, that’s my daughter’s name. Is she…here?”

“Yes. She says she’s sorry she skipped school that day. She loves you.”

Closure, now she can move on. I extend my black wings against the light of ascension, the young always go up.

The guard jerks my chain. “None of that Demon. I like to see you burn.”

Like I said, I hate this gig.

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