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Here’s the photo prompt for #Friday Fictioneers courtesy of Madison Woods. Thanks Madison, for starting and continuing this wonderful writing prompt. Please visit her site and check out all the other Friday Fictioneers. Here’s my 100 word take on the photo:


It turns, a constant twisting, sharp spikes protruding. Whatever draws near, it injures, indiscriminate in its actions, equality in pain., not a goal but a result.

“Keep your distance.” It shouts, barbs glistening for all to see. A warning advertised, not hidden away.

Subterfuge all.

Look hard, beyond the defenses, see truth peering out; blue-eyed and blonde. A rough gemstone, previously injured, secured behind prison walls of her own making.

She is dear and precious. Reach beyond her barbed defenses, set her free with your love.

She waits.

Are you willing?

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