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Here’s the photo prompt for #Friday Fictioneers courtesy of Madison Woods. Thanks Madison, for starting and continuing this wonderful writing prompt. Please visit her site and check out all the other Friday Fictioneers. Here’s my 100 word take on the photo:


“Set up the satellite…” Jim turned in a circle while looking up at the moon. It made her dizzy just watching. “…here.”

Char unpacked the tech, glad to finally have a site. Jim, a brilliant scientist, was just a touch scatterbrained, a fact allowing Char’s subtle sabotage to go unnoticed. Pinging the Chinese moon base? Yeah, not going to happen.

Jim fiddled with the controls, adjusting.

“Here let me.” Char reached down, setting the dial to her preset coördinates.

“Hey! What do you…?” The com squawked with clicks and clacks, her native tongue unrecognizable to humans.

Char gazed up, her ship’s outline visible in the moon’s corona. She pulled out the bag of candy pieces, thankful she hadn’t had to resort to making her finger glow. Phone home, yeah right.

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