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First off, I owe my blog an apology. Yes I know my blog is not an actual living breathing person, but it helps if I think of it as such. You see, I would never neglect a friend in the same way I have my blog. Sure, my excuses are all good; spring break,  my WIP, kid’s tennis meets, etc.  Still, I make time for what’s important, isn’t that the point?

Is this blog important to me? Absolutely.

Not only does it keep me writing, beyond my sometimes daunting novel edits, but it also lets me hear from all of you; my fellow blog-mates, writers, and readers.

Writing can be such an isolated undertaking; alone typing away on my laptop, just me and my cup of joe. Except, not really, as long as I make the small effort to post at least once a week or so.

So sorry my dear, dear blog…

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I love to drive.

My infatuation with the automobile came at an early age, even before obtaining my learner’s permit at fifteen. I remember being glued to the TV during car chase scenes, drawn to the adrenaline pumping speed and narrow miss cornering.

At this point some might think, ‘She’s just an adrenaline junky.’ I can assure you, that is not the case. Most true thrill seekers love the uncontrollable aspect of their risk-taking, the possibility of the chute not opening, the bungy chord breaking.

The unpredictable scares the crap out of me, if anything I’m a borderline control freak. (I can’t believe I just admitted that.) But perhaps that’s what I like about driving. Sure the variables are still there, equipment could malfunction, some other idiot might lose control, veer into your lane, crash into you, but if your tire does blow out, depending on your skill level, you might be able to survive, steer to the shoulder, avoid wipe out.  In contrast, if you chute fails to open, you’re basically screwed, game over, roll the credits.

So what does this have to do with writing?

When we first start down the author’s path, we’re watching the chase scenes someone else is stunt doubling. Thinking, “Wow, that would be cool. If they can do it so can I.” So we type up that rough draft, knowing we’re the bomb.

We know how to drive, who needs to study a manual? We take the learners permit test; epic fail. We submit our rough draft, fresh out of the gate, because we  don’t need to revise; first rejection letter.

This time we study the manual, put in hours behind the wheel, maybe even take a driver’s education course. We pass, highways and byways here we come. We revise, edit, join a critique group, take a writing class, go to seminars, then re-submit……..


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Ever had a bad week? If you’re the artistic type, I’m sure it’s happened. The down day, week, month can take on various forms. From lack of inspiration, sometimes called writer’s block, to self-doubt or even, heaven forbid, not handling criticism well.

As a writer, it’s hard for me to separate from my work, meaning that I often take criticism personally. This is especially true if I think I’ve been particularly brilliant only to find that something was lost in translation. After all, I knew what I meant!

Ah well, back to the rewrite, aiming to toughen up my prose as well as my skin.

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Sift the ashes

A storm came through last night.

It was an equal opportunity event, beginning with snow, followed by rain, culminating in wind.

The net effect being multiple downed trees across our property; currently for sale. With that in mind, we braved the elements to clean up the mess. It was not a pleasant experience. The wind still blew, the rain fell, so by the time we came back indoors we were drenched, cold and grumpy.

This morning I arose, body aching, to stand before my kitchen window coffee in hand. Do you know what I saw? A completely new view, given to me by the storm.

It immediately struck me how something so violent, painful and destructive, could also create something so incredibly beautiful.

So it is with that thought, I turn to my rewrite. Chopping down the trees to create an infinitely expanding view.

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